Christophe Szpajdel


Christophe Szpajdel was born on the 29th of September 1970 in Gembloux, Belgium and grew up in Louvain-la-Neuve. He studied Agriculture at the Université Catholique de Louvain gaining a degree in forestry engineering.

Before then, Christophe had already taken a particular interest in Heavy Metal logos and his passion soon became his vocation. He has taken full advantage of being very mobile with his work, which became handy for his travels all over the world.

Throughout his travels he has taken on influence from all over the world, developing various styles of art, whilst meeting & working with clients, developing his reputation as one of the world's leading heavy metal logo artists.

Christophe's work first came to attention in the mid 90's with logos like Emperor, Old Mans Child, Enthroned, Borknagar, Moonspell, Desaster & many more. Since then he has continued to make a significant contribution to the extreme metal scene having drawn for literally 100's of bands with the vast majority are still being used to this day, in some cases, 30 years since their creation.

To name a few:

  • Emperor
  • Old Man's Child
  • Enthroned
  • Borknagar
  • Moonspell
  • Desaster
  • Melechesh
  • Falkenbach
  • Aborted
  • Abigail Williams
  • Impiety
  • Behexen
  • Tsjuder
  • Lord Belial
  • Wolves In The Throne Room
  • Rihanna (Video Music Award/Anti World Tour 2016)
  • Metallica ("ManUNkind" Music Video 2016)

In more recent times, Christophe has begun to take on influence from an even broader spectrum of styles. This has increased his versatility, allowing him to reach a larger audience. Christophe has released in 2010 a book called “Lord of the Logos” which has been followed by various exhibitions around the world, including USA, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Belgium, The Netherlands...

In 2016, Christophe completed some logos for major figures in the music industry — Rihanna & Metallica.

This specific rendition of the Rihanna logo for the Anti World Tour/VMA is something the general public has come to associate with Death Metal logos mainly because it has been frequently seen on mainstream TV channels like MTV for example, which attracted new prospects in his clientele. Read more about this collaboration in Mark Riddick's interview with Bandcamp here.

In 2018, Christophe created the logo for the movie Mandy by Panos Cosmatos featuring Nick Cage as main actor.

In 2020, he took part in 2 important projects:

  • WOSP, Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity coupled with "Jazz Metal". a duo- exhibition with Agnieszka Sobczynska at Klubogaleria "No Problem" in Warsaw
  • Two projects linked with the Tuska Open Air in Finland. One for 5 different words (5 different logos - Sanan Vapaus - Freedom of speech, Totuus- Truth, Tasa-Arvo- Equality, Helsingin Sanomat and HS a regional finnish newspaper) and one for the Tuska Volunteering team design, Tuska Kvlt)

Christophe has also participated in a very short-noticed international project (notified on April the 15th, deadline April 17th) originally conceived in Amsterdam but including participants from various locations like Tokyo, Athens, Nairobi, New York, Mexico City, Melbourne, Los Angeles, Niagara Falls, Berlin, Florianópolis, an Austrian mountaintop, a Dutch hamlet called Middel, and more)

It's called "A Window To The World is LIVE". This film stars 62 windows. It's a beautiful mix of rough and refined. You can watch it

1970年9月29日、ベルギーのジャンブルーに生まれ、ルー バン=ラ=ヌーブで育つ。その後ルーヴァン・カトリック大学で農業工学を学び、林業エンジニアリングの学位を取得。在学中からヘビーメタルのロゴ製作に興味を持ち、ロゴデザイナーの道を志す。各国を旅しながら作品作りを行い、その中で出会った文化や人々から影響を受けることで自身のスタイルを確立。現在は世界のトップロゴアーティストの1人に。

90年代中頃には、Emperor, Old Mans Child, Enthroned, Borknagar, Moonspell, Desasterなど、手掛けた多くのバンドのロゴ作品で注目を集める。以来、エクストリーム・メタルの世界に大きく貢献し、100以上ものバンドのロゴを製作。作品を提供したアーティストは: Melechesh, Falkenbach, Aborted, Abigail Williams, Impiety, Behexen, Tsjuder, Lord Belial, Wolves In The Throne Roomなど。20年前に製作し、現在まで使用されている作品も多数。

近年はさらにスタイルの幅を広げ、より多くの層から支持を得る。2010年にはデザイン画をまとめた書籍『Lord of the Logos(原題)』を出版し、アメリカ、日本、ニュージーランド、ポーランド、ポルトガル、ベルギー、オランダなど、世界各地で展示会を開催。