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Christophe Szpajdel

Christophe's work first came to attention in the mid 90's with logos like Emperor, Old Man’s Child, Enthroned, Borknagar, Moonspell, Desaster & many more.

Since then he has continued to make a significant contribution to the extreme metal scene having drawn for literally thousands of bands with the vast majority are still being used to this day, in some cases 30 years since their creation.

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What Christophe's Clients Say

I love it from beginning to end, and even tho we had connectivity issues in my end, he knew exactly what I wanted and delivered in superb quality and record time.

Pedro Londoño

I have had the pleasure of calaborating with Christophe on many logos as well as having a few personal logos done by him. His work is nothing more than perfection. He wont finish the logo unless it is perfect by his standards and by his clients standards. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a band logo and even a business logo.

Jarrett "DJ Storm" LeMasters
(Sinners Softball, Sinners Landscaping, DJ Storm)

Christophe made a truly amazing logo for me that suited my project perfectly. He is a true artist and I am looking forward to working with him again in the future.

Ashley Large

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